Rhinoplasty Nose Surgery

Rhinoplasty is the most advanced form of rhinoplasty designed based on micro-surgical principles. In this method computerized designing is done based on the ideal nose configuration.

Access to the nasal structure is provided with no-scar appraoch. The aim is to change the nose shape and provide harmony between the nasal segments and also face compartments. Septum surgery is the cornerstone in aesthetic nose surgery and airway refinement is achieved by right instrumentation in the form of septo-rhinoplasty.
Micro-dissection of rhinoplasty procedure provides less invasive manipulation that by itself results in fast healing postoperatively with minimal bruising and edema formation.
The most characteristic part of rhinoplasty is the use of ultra-micro-motor system in the shaping of nasal bone compartment. It is not used the hammer power that is destructive in reduction of bony hump. In stead of that, Drs uses the more delicate and controlable power of micro-saws and micro-rasps that enables him in sculpting the details of nasal bones. This technology decreases the risk of nasal bone destruction and also the complications of hump fracturing that is common in usual rhinoplasty procedure. For this after rhinoplasty the probability of re-operation decreases very strict.
Micro-refinement of cartilaginous compartments of nose is another part of rhinoplasty that facilitate the shaping procedure and also symmetry is achieved in its most delicate form.
Postoperative period after rhinoplasty is characterized by minimal pain, minimal discomfort and fast healing is the definitive characteristic of the procedure. Minimal breathing discomfort by using bi-valve splints brings another facility to this procedure.

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